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Florida’s Most Common Water Issues

In Florida, your water most likely comes from a private well or your local municipality.

For wells, because of their environment, there is always a chance that it can suddenly, unbeknownst to you become contaminated. Ideally, your water should have little to no taste or smell. If you detect a color, flavor or odor, it could indicate contamination and should be tested. All wells should ...

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Water Safety During A Storm

Safe Drinking Water After a Storm or Hurricane

Is Your Water Safe After a Storm?

Our country has been devastated by a natural disaster, Hurricane Ian. Hurricane Ian was a large, deadly, destructive Category 4 Atlantic hurricane that caused widespread damage across western Cuba and the southeast United States, especially the states of Florida and South Carolina. Although you may be in survival mode there is a lot to consider at this time and drinking water safety is high on ...

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ENVIH2O TO JOIN WHITE EAGLE COALITION (to include insurance to the Cannabis industry!)

We are proud to announce that Envih2o has joined the White Eagle Coalition!


White Eagle Coalition is a collective of industry leaders coming together to bring access to the best-of-class business services to the cannabis industry to include banking, consulting, attorneys, accounting, cultivation supplies, insurance*, and now water treatment! Like the powerful bird from which it takes its name, White Eagle has used eagle-eye ...

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Filtered Water Is Not Just For Us!

Getting enough clean safe filtered water

Drinking enough filtered water every day is extremely important for your health. Drinking water can prevent dehydration, a condition that can cause unclear thinking, result in mood change, cause your body to overheat, and lead to constipation and kidney stones. Water has zero calories, so it also helps with managing weight and reducing calories substituted for drinks with calories, ...

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Water is vital to all living things

Cannabis uses water in its vital functions.  When you water your plants with a nutrient solution, the roots absorb and transport it into the plant’s cell. This is used to produce sugars used to grow and develop the stems, leaves, flowers, and seeds. Excellent water helps provide excellent growth!

Although you could use just any water, it may ...

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Water Softener Brine Recovery

Water Softener Brine Recovery: A New Approach by Peter S. Cartwright, PE and Tom Cartwright


The world struggles with climate change

As the world struggles with climate change and unprecedented weather events, our society is slowly beginning to recognize the severity of the situation. Young people now understand and use terms like sustainability and circular economy while demonstrating a commitment to addressing ...

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A Few Common Drinking Water Contaminants

Here Are A Few Common Drinking Water Contaminants Certain water contaminants, like iron, sulfur, and total dissolved solids, are easy to spot by residue, odor, and discolored water. Other potentially harmful contaminants, like arsenic and lead, can go undetected by the senses. Arsenic in Water Arsenic is one of the more dangerous water contaminants because it is both odorless and tasteless, becoming more toxic over ...
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Test Drinking Water Regularly, tastes as good as it tests

8 Reasons Why You Should Get Your Water Tested Regularly

Changes in Color:

If your water has turned a strange color and you’re used to seeing crystal clear water, yellow or brown water can be alarming. The good news is that most of the time discolored water does not pose a significant health risk. There are DIY kits, laboratory testing options and water treatment companies. As you might have guessed, these options have different capacities. ...

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