Water Softener Brine Recovery – A New Approach by Peter S. Cartwright, PE and Tom Cartwright


As the world struggles with climate change and unprecedented weather events, our society is slowly beginning to recognize the severity of the situation. Young people now understand and use terms like sustainability and circular economy while demonstrating a commitment to addressing these issues. Concerns such as water conservation and pollution control are gaining traction and the environment is the better for it.

Pollution regulations ...

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A Few Common Drinking Water Contaminants

Here Are A Few Common Drinking Water Contaminants While certain water contaminants, like iron, sulfur, and total dissolved solids, are easy to spot by residue, odor, and discolored water, other potentially harmful contaminants, like arsenic and lead, can go undetected by the senses. Arsenic in Water Arsenic is one of the more dangerous water contaminants because it is both odorless and tasteless, becoming more toxic ...
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Test Drinking Water Regularly

8 Reasons Why You Should Get Your Water Tested Regularly

Changes in Color:  If your water has turned a strange color and you’re used to seeing crystal clear water, yellow or brown water can be alarming. The good news is that most of the time discolored water does not pose a significant health risk. There are DIY kits, laboratory testing options and water treatment companies. As you might have guessed, these options have different capacities. ...

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